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About Construction Laval Aubin

Groupe Laval Aubin


Laval Aubin founded Construction Laval Aubin ltée. in the ’80s with the goal of creating a successful family business that would pass into the hands of future generations. It is therefore in a spirit of long-term vision that Laval Aubin created his company, which has gone from three employees in 1980 to around a hundred today. Much like during the construction of a building, Mr. Aubin has built his company on solid foundations, laying a foundation of intrinsic values that wouldn’t change over the years. The quality of the products and services offered to the client is one of those values that are still strongly rooted in the company and in the second generation. Mr. Aubin’s three children—all actively involved in Construction Laval Aubin ltée.—are proud to perpetuate these values. They don’t claim to do it alone: They’ve joined forces with a competent and passionate team to give their clients the best. The bar is high at Construction Laval Aubin! Mr. Aubin has built a solid reputation for the company, and his goal for the coming years is to position it as the organization that provides the best customer service in its field, for a consistently satisfied clientele.

Our values
Groupe Laval Aubin - Nos valeurs

Construction Laval Aubin makes safety an absolute priority. Our team also offers world-class customer service based on exceptional communication and outstanding attentiveness. Finally, our values include teamwork and mutual respect.

Our future
Groupe Laval Aubin

Construction Laval Aubin plans to pass the torch to the next generations. That's why we are committed to always being at the forefront and constantly staying on top of emerging technologies.