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Nearly 40 years of experience

Groupe Laval Aubin: a company that has been passionate about excellence for almost 40 years. Whether it’s a new construction or a renovation, our company makes every effort to complete all your construction projects to perfection.

We work for you

Our mission is simple, and it’s at the heart of all our projects: to provide efficient service in order to facilitate and simplify building construction, renovation, and maintenance projects. With Groupe Laval Aubin, you’re in first class from the beginning to the end of your project!

A Heartfelt Story

Construction Laval Aubin is a company created by a passionate businessman. Mr. Aubin’s passion is still there, and his sound advice always leads the team members to surpass themselves and give their best.

A Family Business

We are a family business with a long-term vision. That’s why the quality of the projects is always at the forefront. In addition, the feeling of belonging is strong at Construction Laval Aubin. The feeling of belonging to a big family is present among all members of the team.

Our Values
Groupe Laval Aubin - Nos valeurs

Construction Laval Aubin makes safety an absolute priority. Our team also offers world-class customer service based on exceptional communication and outstanding attentiveness. Finally, our values include teamwork and mutual respect.

Our Future
Groupe Laval Aubin

Construction Laval Aubin plans to pass the torch to the next generations. That's why we are committed to always being at the forefront and constantly staying on top of emerging technologies.

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